1979 Kenworth w900 extended hood, 3406a Caterpillar, 13 speed. Poky Feeders near Scott City, KS
I was 19 in 1984 when I started driving this truck for Joe Barger of Barger Grain Co, based out of Wauneta, NE. There was no training, like most kids growing up on a farm in rural NE, I started hauling grain in from the harvest fields at a young age. And working with cattle was a daily chore, that helped prepared me for hauling grain and cattle, the rest I just had to pick up from doing and watching other drivers. Had many adventures in this truck, Made a little money, got in some trouble with the police, saw quite a bit of country and learned much!! Last I heard this truck was still operating out of Minnesota.

1988 Kenworth T800 400 Cummins 13 speed

At 25, George Eberly of Eberly and Sons Trucking based out of Aurora, Ne, hired me to drive. George operated in the 36 midwest and west coast states, hauling produce, boxed beef, Sara Lee, Rich’s, and refrigerated food products. This was a real good deal for me. Made some good friends talking on the CB on those all night runs to Chicago.

1992 Freightliner 60 series Detroit 9 speed #275

I really appreciated the opportunity to work for George Eberly (pictured.) This Freightliner, affectionately called “Mr. Ed,” was really a good truck! Comfortable, quiet, equipped with the Tempastart system, it took good care of the driver out on the road!! George paid fuel bonus and with this truck driven right it could get 7 miles per gallon. My first new truck, the odometer showed just 11 miles the first time I got behind the wheel!!

1994 Freightliner 400 Caterpillar 9 speed #207

Tonya Kay and I were newlyweds pictured here. We felt more like paid tourist driving around the country! George kept his fleet of trucks new, the odometer showed just 101 miles when Tonya Kay and I got in to haul the first load. Those were exciting times, good times, a grand lady, good money, good friends, good trucks, and a Good guy to work for!!

1987 Freightliner w/ Guthrie cattle trailer

I bought this truck and trailer to run more local again. It is a 1987 Freightliner 3406B 425 Cat, 13 speed, pulling a 1984 Guthrie cattle trailer. Washed out, this truck and trailer weighed right at 30,000 LBS.  It was a good heavy tractor that could pull on the windy days. The guthrie trailer was light and the wind would really push it around empty.

1987 Freightliner

A very talented artist, Tonya Kay painted the name on the door and the wild horse and cowboys scene on both sides of the hood and a cowboy rounding up cattle on the back of the sleeper, looked real good on a cow truck!! I had a good outfit and good cash position to give it a try but didn’t make any money!   That part was real miserable!! You’ve heard a long sad story like this before, so I’ll spare ya. Tonya Kay was solid and true and we just regrouped and went back to work again. It was good to have my name on the door and give it a try!

Cranston Trucking based in Colby, KS had nice Peterbilt trucks I drove #109 a 1995 model and #111 a 1996 model, (no photos available.) They both had 3406E Caterpillar engines with 18 speed transmissions. #111 was a sweetheart, fast and quiet!!  The Cranstons operated cattle, hopper bottom, liquid feed, and fuel trailers. Pulling the fuel tankers was my introduction to hauling hazardous materials. This was a good chance to get back on our feet after selling out our own truck and I got to learn about hazardous materials trucking.

Service Oil Company operating out of Colby, KS hired me to drive a fuel transport delivering  fuel to it’s convenience stores and bulk fuel delivery operations. I drove a 1989 Freightliner daycab called “Red Dog.” It had a 365 Cummins, 13 speed, not a very good truck. They ordered a new 1999 Kenworth T800 N14 460 Cummins, Super 13 double overdrive (no photos available.) It was a good little truck to drive, the original drive tires went 200,000 miles. I did like sitting in behind that N14 Cummins!

2002 Kenworth T800

Living in Cheyenne, WY since 2001, I currently drive this 2002 Kenworth T800 C-12 Caterpillar, 13 speed Transmission, hauling liquid Hazardous materials on Colorado’s front range area. Tonya kay and I are Very content in Wyoming, making it on through!!

40 times around the world!

2011 Kenworth T800  450 Horse Paccar engine,  Automatic transmission, Disc brakes, and Super Singles.  This truck is a huge departure from the trucks I’ve previously driven, quiet smooth and powerful I’ve been very surprised!  Hooked to this air ride trailer it rides good and handles nicely.  This is a good outfit and truck drivers like good trucks. I’m far less tired at the end of the day!!  Gotta like that!!  Photo taken north of Douglas, WY.

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  3. Looks like a bunch of us are writing about the “ways it were”. Very well written and certainly relatable to any of us who have been firebranded before!!

    Great story and enjoyed reading.
    Best Regards

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