My wife, Tonya Kay, and I enjoy living and raising our kids  in Cheyenne, WY.  Wyoming is rich in opportunities to shoot wildlife, mountain and lake scenery, western lifestyle scenes and PRCA Rodeo.

I grew up on a traditional family farm in a very rural part of western Nebraska.  I got the old CC license at 18 and started driving a cow truck full time by age 19, this took me to family cow operations, ranches, sale barns, and packing plants.  Then I moved to driving an over-the-road truck traveling through most of the United States, meeting and working with people from all walks of life.  These experiences taught me strong work ethics, introduced me to people of strong character, and gave me an understanding of the country western lifestyle.  I think the hard things in life, the grit and hard work is where the true beauty lies!

My wife, Tonya Kay, is a very talented artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer.  I started in photography by shooting stock photos for her graphic design work.  I didn’t start out with a natural aptitude for photography, learning has come from determination, trial and error, practice, many hours of patient guidance from my wife, and prayer.  It’s so subjective and I continue to strive after improvement and understanding.

Don Christner

Also see my Flick River photos.


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