Life in Wyoming is an adventure for my wife, Tonya Kay and I!  We have been married almost 25 years, we have 4 grown kids! Our lives have been filled with camping trips to the mountains, rodeos, barrel races, chariot races and exploring our great state.

I began shooting rodeos about ten years ago, for a local magazine. The first time I had the opportunity to shoot in the arena at a rodeo, I knew that I wanted to do a lot more of it. I love the dirt, grit, and power of rodeos, I work very hard to capture that in the photos I take. Since that first rodeo, I began pursuing my PRCA photographer’s card and I’m proud to shoot rodeos as an Arena Photographer for the PRCA!

Don Christner

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Don Christner

Cheyenne, WY

Phone: 307 421 9807

Email: dtchristner@msn.com

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