Wyoming Moose!!

These moose photos taken in The Snowy Range Mountains of Wyoming.

Part of an annual cycle, this moose has dried blood and the old velvet hanging off his antlers.
Each year this moose grows new antlers covered in velvet.  Then in September the living bone
dies and sheds the velvet.   The lighting was more difficult than it looks for this shot.
It was Sept 7  6:40 in the morning. I was just over the mountain on the west side at about
10,000 ft so the sun was up everywhere else but the 12,000 ft mountain was casting a
shadow on us.   To bring the built in light meter to an acceptable range required setting
The f stop wide open at f2.8 and the shutter speed showed  just 1/20, too slow for most
hand held or motion photography.  I was still making adjustments to the iso setting when
he unexpectedly came up past my position, so it was time to shoot now and take what you
get, ready or not!  Panning with him he turned a little and looked at me as he moved past for
this shot!  I was very surprised to have gotten anything at all!

Moose love this brush for eating the leaves and rubbing off loose velvet.  This time of year it’s

mostly a muddy marsh kept wet from snow melt.

Young bull moose with the velvet on.

Early before sunrise, on the east side of the Snowy Range Mountains of  Wyoming I hiked north a

couple of miles for a chance to capture first light from a perspective that I had planned the day

before.  Motion on the left caught my eye as three bull moose headed north.   Following them

north for a couple of miles they stopped at a small lake.  I moved down near the waters edge in

chest deep brush and standing in 2-3 inches of water.    Then a camper appeared out of the

trees just beyond the moose with a frying pan scraping it out then turning it over and

beating on it.Then turning he disappeared back into the trees without seeing the moose

or me.  The moose moved away from him and came down to within 15 yards of my

position.  looking around for an escape route some small trees to my right and

slightly behind me offered my best bet.  The closest one looked hard at me

blew his nose then calmed down and started eating leaves normally.

Before leaving I took my photos then backed away slowly.

Bull moose velvet on third week in July.

Wyoming Bull Moose Snowy Range mountains velvet on!

Pair of moose Snowy Range Mountains Wyoming.

July Snowy Range Mountains Wyoming, Bull Moose.

Young Cow moose Snowy Range Mountains Wyoming.

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