Chariot Racing

The chariot racing scenes in the movie Ben Hur were very dramatic so when I heard about chariot racing, western style, in Saratoga, Wyoming I decided to go and take photos. Reading up on it I learned that Chariot/ Cutter racing in Wyoming has a long tradition with an established racing association. Consisting of two horses harnessed together pulling a chariot and driver down a 1/4 mile track. Track times are usually in the 21-24 second range. Races are held on racetracks all across Wyoming. This is a Winter sport run on snow, ice, blizzard or what ever conditions exist. Most teams were running quarter horses. The race I attended was set in the valley against the Snowy Range Mountains of Wyoming! As the snow is plowed off The track it gives a barrier for spectators who park thier cars (4×4 pic-ups) along the track or stand along the edge. There were no guardrails, fences or bleachers, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary. This was for big boys and big girls, whiners stay home, byocc (Bring Your Own Carhartt Coveralls) event. The air was stiff and a cup of hot coffee from the concession stand was so good!! It was very fast and very fun, WOW!!!

A search turned up this video, it does a good job of catching the action!!

What do you think?

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